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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joby?

Stay informed and receive updates directly to your inbox. Joby is a California-based company building quiet, all-electric aircraft to connect people like never before.

Is Joby Aviation Inc (Joby) a good stock to buy?

An analysis of the Joby Aviation Inc. (NYSE:JOBY) stock in terms of its daily trading volume indicates that the 3-month average is 3.21 million. However, this figure increases on the past 10-day timeline to an average of 3.41 million. Current records show that the company has 583.97M in outstanding shares.

What is Joby's top speed?

Joby says it can reach a top speed of 200 mph, travel 150 miles on a single charge, and is 100 times quieter than a conventional aircraft. The company says it aims to have a scaled-up air taxi service in operation by 2024.

Can Joby Aviation (Joby) climb 42% to reach level?

Can Joby Aviation, Inc. (JOBY) Climb 42% to Reach the Level Wall Street Analysts Expect? The average of price targets set by Wall Street analysts indicates a potential upside of 42.2% in Joby Aviation, Inc. (JOBY).

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