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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Oregon catalog?

The University of Oregon Catalog contains complete details for all academic programs offered by the university. Whether you’re an enrolled student or you're considering attending the UO, this site will provide the information you need as you consider your academic goals. Go Ducks!

How do I get a degree from the University of Oregon?

University of Oregon undergraduate students must complete an academic major to graduate; they may also complete additional majors, minors, or both. Options within majors or minors are additional ways of focusing academic interests, but they do not appear on academic transcripts.

How do I find an advisor at the University of Oregon?

Click here to find an advisor on campus. For Coronavirus information, visit the University of Oregon's COVID-19 Information site. Registration and Waitlists are suspended for current students during IntroDUCKtion (05 July - 21 August) Registration and Waitlists will reopen to all students on 22 August at 9 a.m.

How do I request a course description for a catalog?

For catalogs prior to the academic year 1990-1991, please use the button below to make your request for course descriptions. When making your request, please be specific and limit your request to 10-15 courses. What quarter and year of catalog are you interested in? Which course description (s)? Be specific. Include UO subject and course number.

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