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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cows need their hooves trimmed?

Cow Hoof Trimming The Easy Way. While the hooves of dairy cows only need to be trimmed once per year, the process can be arduous due to the unaccommodating nature of the animal. Typically, cow hoof trimming entails the use of a 4 ½ angle grinder and a specially designed system which holds the cow’s legs in place during the procedure.

Does a cow have split hoof?

Cows have cloven hooves (i.e. hooves split into two toes) and toenails. In nature, cows wear down their toenails naturally by walking. Unfortunately, many cows today don’t do much walking around. Instead, they are confined to barns and feedlots where they spend most of the day standing, often in manure.

What are cows hoof used for?

Cow hooves contain a material known as keratin, which has many industrial and household uses. It is an important ingredient in a foam used to extinguish fires at airports caused by aviation fuel. Keratin is also used in many hair care products, such as shampoos and gels. Fat from the hooves might be rendered for use in pet food as well as a myriad of other products, while the bone is ground into bonemeal.

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