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Frequently Asked Questions

When to trim your marijuana plant?

Trim your plant no more than once every three or four days. Often, your plant will only need to be trimmed twice a month. Prune more often during your plant’s early vegetative stage (when it first produces leaves) and toward the end of its flowering (bud-producing) stage.

When to top cannabis plants?

You should top your plant anytime between when the 2nd & 5th set of leaves develop. Every plant strain reacts differently to topping, so when first starting off with a new strain, or if you have never topped a plant before, experiment.

How do you trim marijuana plants?

Cut away the leaves from the top of the plant. If your main stalk has leaves sprouting straight up and out from it, trim them. This will not only allow the branches to get more light, but will also stimulate new branch growth. Cutting the top of your plant off is crucial if you have limited vertical growing space.

How and when to harvest marijuana plants?

There are three basic methods for determining when to harvest marijuana. In a healthy pot plant that is approaching maturity, the pistils will be white and stick straight out from the body of the marijuana flower. When the marijuana is ready for harvesting, at least half of the pistils will turn dark and curl back in toward the flower.

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