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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a blood pressure chart?

Making a Blood Pressure Chart From Your Readings. Start at the right hand edge and measure 7 inches plus 3 blocks to the left. That gives you 31 blocks, one for each day of the month, along the horizontal X axis. Mark that line as your Y axis and go up 21 blocks or 5 inches plus one block. Starting at 0, label each line in increments...

How to measure and record blood pressure?

CNA Skill: Measuring And Recording Blood Pressure. Again, note the level on the meter. This number is the lower number, and is called the diastolic blood pressure. Record the results as directed by the physician, and provide the result to the patient. The number is usually recorded as systolic over diastolic, for example, 120 over 80.

What type of blood vessel has the lowest blood pressure?

The main blood vessel, where the highest pressure is found is the aorta. The blood leaves the heart and is pumped up the aorta towards the head (this is normally uphill so requires a high pressure). The lowest pressure is in the veins, which return the blood to the heart.

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