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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National homebuyers Fund (NHF)?

Thousands of down payment assistance programsnationwide can help first-time home buyers and repeat buyers alike. The National Homebuyers Fund (NHF) is one such program. Since 2002, it’s given millions of dollars to help families achieve their homeownership dreams. The best part: NHF grants and loans generally don’t have to be repaid.

How do NHF grants work?

How NHF grants work The NHF is based in Sacramento, Calif., but people in all 50 states can pursue down payment and closing cost assistance from the NHF. It comes in two forms:* A grant of up to 5% of the final loan amount: “Grants are free and do not have to be repaid,” notes Anna DeSimone, author of Live in a Home that Pays You Back

What are the limitations of NFH assistance?

There are some limitations with NFH assistance. You have to remain in the home for at least three years. So if you plan on moving or refinancing soon after buying your home with the help of NFH funds, steer clear. Also, currently, the assistance can be used for a home purchase but not a refinance.

How do I apply for NHF down payment assistance?

An important note: To apply for NHF down payment assistance, you need to work with a participating mortgage lender. You can find one in your area by asking your real estate agent, or by contacting the NFH at its toll-free number: (866) 643-4968. *An NHF representative confirmed this information but could not provide specific amounts/numbers.

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