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Frequently Asked Questions

What is girls on the run?

Each 10-minute yoga and meditation video is designed to boost girls’ confidence, build strength and support their physical, mental and emotional well-being. In Girls on the Run, I learned it is so important to give back to your community. Whether it is in small amounts or large amounts.

How can I support girls on the run?

By getting involved with Girls on the Run - whether signing up your girl, telling a friend, coaching a team, volunteering at a 5K, attending an event or making a financial gift - you are intentionally supporting all girls in your community. Learn about our seasonal programs that are about so much more than running.

What is the difference between girls on the run and Heart & Sole?

"Girls on the Run" is for 3rd–6th graders (approximately 8 through 12 years old). "Heart & Sole" is directed to 7th–8th graders (12 through 14 years old). Meeting twice a week in small teams of 8-20 girls, the program teaches life skills through fun, engaging lessons that celebrate the joy of movement.

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