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Frequently Asked Questions

How to build ETL pipeline?

How to Build an ETL Pipeline? Step by step approach to build an end-to-end ETL pipeline with batch processing - Step 1. Create reference data: Essentially, reference data contains the possible values for your data based on static references. It could be helpful to have reference data when transforming data from a source to a target.

Will Hadoop replace ETL?

No not at all, Hadoop is not a replacement for ETL because hadoop is actually a high performance distributed computing program. Hadoop replaces ETL is like saying Linux is a replacement for MS Office on Windows. Hadoop’s architecture is fundamentally superior for supporting many of the most commonly deployed data integration functions.

Is SSIs a good ETL tool?

SSIS is a powerful tool to perform various ETL-like functions between homogenous and heterogeneous sources of data. It was widely used in all organizations I worked since it provides an easy way to create data transformations. Similarly one may ask, is SSIS an ETL tool?

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