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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the epsilon delta definition of a limit?

Epsilon-Delta Definition of a Limit. \delta δ definition of a limit is an algebraically precise formulation of evaluating the limit of a function. Informally, the definition states that a limit. L L.

What is the Epsilon-Delta limit?

Many refer to this as "the epsilon--delta,'' definition, referring to the letters ϵ and δ of the Greek alphabet. Before we give the actual definition, let's consider a few informal ways of describing a limit. Given a function y = f(x) and an x -value, c, we say that "the limit of the function f, as x approaches c, is a value L '':

How do you prove Epsilon-Delta?

Thankfully, we can prove -- using the epsilon-delta definition -- both of the following: how to find limits of combinations of expressions (e.g., sums, differences, products, etc) from the limiting values of their individual parts.

How do you prove a limit using the ε\varepsilonε-δ\deltaδ technique?

In general, to prove a limit using the ε\varepsilonε-δ\deltaδ technique, we must find an expression for δ\deltaδ and then show that the desired inequalities hold. The expression for δ\deltaδ is most often in terms of ε,\varepsilon,ε, though sometimes it is also a constant or a more complicated expression.

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