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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lewis structure for N2H4?

N2H4 lewis structure is made up of two nitrogen (N) and four hydrogens (H) having two lone pairs on the nitrogen atoms (one lone pair on each nitrogen) and containing a total of 10 shared electrons. There are three types of bonds present in the N2H4 lewis structure, one N-N, and two H-N-H.

Is N2H4 a strong base?

Is N 2 H 4 an acid or base? N2H4 is a strong base even stronger than NH3. It is a lewis base which can donate nonbonding electrons to the acid or any electron deficient atom or molecule. The two lone pairs of two nitrogen atoms make the hydrazine a strong base than ammonia having one nitrogen atom.

What is the molecular geometry of N2H4?

The molecular geometry of N2H4 is trigonal pyramidal. Each nitrogen (left side or right side) has two hydrogen atoms. The lone pair electron present on nitrogen and shared pair electrons (around nitrogen) will repel each other.

What is the bond angle in N2H4?

The electron geometry for the N2H4 molecule is tetrahedral. The following table represents the geometry, bond angle, and hybridization for different molecules as per AXN notation: The bond angle here is 109.5° as stated in the table given above.

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