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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bdtender?

BDTender is a tender notification service portal that keeps you updated with the latest information or notices related to government tenders and auctions published in newspapers or websites or e-GP from government and non-government organizations all over Bangladesh. We are also publishing Private tender notice to help the client in one platform.

What are the procurement services for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib shilpnagr project?

Procurement of one Laptop, one Desktop computer and one A3 color printer for Establishment of WTP and DTW in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpnagr project. Procurement of Desktop Computer, Laptop, Printer and Scanner with necessary software support services for BEZA.

What is the tender ID for Teknaf Cox Bazar?

(Tender ID: 531264) Tender For Supply and Installation of street light Fittings at Sabrang Tourism Park Teknaf Cox Bazar ( Tender ID: 528974) Tender for Procurement Smart Signage of Two Desktop Display One DSLR Camera One Camera Lens Type-1 and One Camera Lens Type-2 for BEZA (Tener ID: 529578)

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