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Frequently Asked Questions

What has been happening on Days of Our Lives?

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming summer reveal that a lot will be happening in the land of Salem. Viewers will witness some very interesting love triangles that will add to the dose of drama. Then, couples will come together. Viewers will also get to see a number of faces popping in, and a huge mystery will unroll.

What is going on with the Days of Our Lives?

Days of our Lives comings and goings say the plan was to keep Hope Brady off-canvas for a few months then bring her back for a front-burner storyline with a new love interest. But Kristian was unhappy with her character’s direction and called it quits so she never came back to film any more scenes. So, Hope simply disappears.

What is happening with Days of Our Lives?

‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers relate to a lot of change on the way. There’s been a lot of buzz recently about an upcoming historic move. This change, which we’ll get into in a second, is believed to be accompanied by a big twist. But there appears to be more on the horizon.

What is the history of Days of Our Lives?

When Days of Our Lives premiered in 1965, the show revolved around the tragedies and triumphs of the suburban Horton family. Over time, additional families were brought to the show to interact with the Hortons and serve as springboards for more dramatic storylines.

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