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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alpha'a engage the community?

The Alpha Course is an effective form of evangelism when run by and through the local church. By focusing on the fundamentals of Christianity, it opens the door for Alpha to be used in almost any context so that everyone has the opportunity to engage is discussions and be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is the solution offered by Alpha'a?

Alpha radiation is very useful in several ways. It is used to treat various forms of cancers treatments that process is called unsealed source radiotherapy having tiny amounts of radium-226 into cancerous masses these alpha particles lack the penetrating ability to damage the surrounding healthy cells.

How do you type the alpha symbol with a keyboard?

If your keyboard is a numeric keypad, then you can enter the alpha letter by using an Alt code – this alternately press the indicated code digits, after the Alt key is released. The numeric keypad is to the right of your keyboard – most keyboards in the desk have a numeric keypad. For inserting α symbol just type 224 while hold down alt key.

How can alpha be used to measure the performance of an investment?

Alpha is a measure of the performance of an investment as compared to a suitable benchmark index, such as the S&P 500. An alpha of one (the baseline value is zero) shows that the return on the investment during a specified time frame outperformed the overall market average by 1%.

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