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Frequently Asked Questions

What is zero-ETL integration?

What is Zero-ETL? Zero-ETL integration is a type of data integration that doesn’t involve the use of the conventional extract, transform and load (ETL) processes. In a zero-ETL setup, data is transferred directly from one system to another without the need for any intermediary steps to transform or clean the data.

Is there a zero integration future for ETLs?

Now, I do take a little issue with the naming “Zero ETLs”. Because at the very surface the functionality described is often closer to a zero integration future, which probably doesn’t come across ‘exciting’ enough. This may also only be phase one of AWS and Snowflake’s plan to remove the need for ETLs.

What is Amazon Aurora Zero-ETL integration?

Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift enables customers to analyze petabytes of transactional data in near real time, eliminating the need for custom data pipelines

What is AWS' zero-ETL future?

“The new capabilities announced today help us move customers toward a zero-ETL future on AWS, reducing the need to manually move or transform data between services.

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