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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find (Z93)?

The Z93 can be obtained near the start of the game (once finished the first act) if you assault the Bell Tower north-west of Kings Bridge. Kings Bridge is in the North East corner of South Kyrat. The watch (four to six strong and heavily armed) includes two snipers each with a Z93 and is best accessed by a cave below .

Does the Z93 Z93 have an elevation turret?

In Far Cry 3 the Z93's scope only has an elevation turret when it should have both an elevation and windage turret. One turret is very odd on a scope, as it does not allow the shooter to sight in the rifle.

What date is the Daily – Z93 country?

The Daily – Z93 Country December 25, 2021 FACEBOOK TWITTER RSS EMAIL margin-top:auto;margin-bottom:auto;. Home Tradio News / Wx News

What kind of rifle is the Z93?

The Z93 is a sniper rifle featured in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 . " No rifle hits harder at long range than this .50 calibre beast. Simply put, it kills what it hits.

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