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Frequently Asked Questions

How to gank as Yu Zhong?

As Yu Zhong has great initiator and CC skills, any mage can be benefitted from this by taking some early kills. A little farming is needed for Yu Zhong to sustain the damage given. You need to maintain the position in such a sense so that after charging an enemy your team can follow you up. In a gank, you have to either initiate it or finish it.

What is YuYu Zhong’s ultimate?

Yu Zhong leaps towards the enemy with his full force and makes a circle on the ground. After a delay enemies present inside the circle are knocked up in the air for 1s and dealing a little amount of damage. This is the main CC skill of him which can finish the whole team in one go if used properly. 4. Ultimate: Black Dragon Form

What is the best spell for Yuzhong in Mobile Legends?

The best spell for YuZhong is Flicker. Using Flicker you can go for the skill combos or get out of a situation as he doesn’t really have a long dash to get out of a situation. If you’re playing as the main offlaner you can also go for the retribution. Yu Zhong has only one skill combo but that is what makes him deadly in Mobile Legends.

What is the best build for Yu Zhong in League of Legends?

Yu Zhong is a hero with extreme agility and Spell Vamp or Lifesteal. So Lifesteal build is the best to go with Yu Zhong. Start by taking Raptor Machete followed by CD reduction boots, or You can also go with Warrior Boots for Physical Damage reduction in the early game. Secondly, go for Bloodlust Axe. It is the core item for Yu Zhong.

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