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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Youthworks 2021 Summer Jobs program?

Applicants must be Baltimore City residents, 14-21 years old on June 25, 2021. Baltimore’s businesses interested in participating in the virtual YouthWorks 2021 summer jobs program can apply here. Contact YouthWorks Private Sector at 410-396-6722 or [email protected] for more information.

When does Baltimore City Youthworks start?

The online application for YouthWorks will open from January 25, 2021 – March 31, 2021. Baltimore City youth ages 14 – 21 (on June 25, 2021) are eligible to apply. The program will operate: June 28, 2021 – August 6, 2021

How many Baltimore City youth apply for summer jobs in 2020?

February 5, 2020: In just one month, more than 10,000 Baltimore City youth and young adults apply for YouthWorks summer jobs. Deadine is March 1. January 3, 2020: Director Jason Perkins-Cohen interviewed by WMAR-TV about how the increase in minimum wage will increase earnings for 2020 YouthWorkers.

What is the virtual summer program for youth?

YouthWorks 2021 will operate a virtual summer program for youth from June 28 – August 6 – four hours per day, five days per week, totaling 20 hours per week. YouthWorkers will use a web-based tool that includes job readiness, career exploration, financial literacy, academic enrichment and skills training.

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