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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Philadelphia Youth Network do?

Currently, the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) serves as the managing partner for two of the city's most comprehensive campaigns focused on improving the educational and economic outcomes of the city's youth.

What is WorkReady summer in Philadelphia?

WorkReady is a program in July-August for youth living in Philadelphia. This year, WorkReady Summer experiences will include safe in-person participation at least 3 days/week. To keep everyone safe, we will continue to monitor all government orders and recommendations. Learn about program options.

When will the 2021 Youthworks job take place?

The YouthWorks job will take place between June 28, 2021 – August 6, 2021

Where can I work as a WorkReady youth or young adult?

Youth work at recreation centers and playgrounds. Young adults may work at recreation centers, PlayStreets, or with special initiatives. We are currently accepting applications for WorkReady youth and young adult positions. Recruitment and processing for these positions begins in February.

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