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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Youthworks 2020 Summer Jobs start?

May 20, 2020: Mayor Young announces the Virtual YouthWorks 2020 summer jobs program to begin July 13. Click here to see press conference. February 5, 2020: In just one month, more than 10,000 Baltimore City youth and young adults apply for YouthWorks summer jobs. Deadine is March 1.

How many Baltimore City youth applied for Youthworks 2019?

February 25, 2019: More than 14,000 Baltimore City youth and young adults apply online for YouthWorks with deadline approaching. Read the press release.

Where can I find more information about Baltimore County Youth Services?

To learn more about the services and programs we provide, call 410-887-4813 or email [email protected] The six-week Summer Youth Employment Program begins July 6 through August 13. Prior to beginning the program, youth will participate in structured job readiness activities to prepare them for success.

What is the YouthWorks program?

YouthWorkers will be introduced to workplace experiences, financial literacy development, career exploration opportunities, and skills training. Registered youth will be emailed with more information. The YouthWorks application will open on January 17th. Baltimore City youth ages 14 – 21 (by July 1, 2022) are eligible to apply.

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