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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 Best Yoga classes in Singapore?

Yoga Classes Singapore 1. Union Yoga Ayurveda 2. Yoga Lab 3. Yoga In Common 4. All About Yoga 5. Ojas Yoga & Wellness 6. Platinum Yoga 7. Yoga Vihara 8. Freedom Yoga 9. Vyasa Singapore

What are the benefits of doing yoga in Singapore?

It also helps with relaxation and spiritual enlightenment. There are many yoga classes available in Singapore such as yoga for beginners, yoga for kids, yoga for weight loss, prenatal yoga, yoga stretches, and more! Which yoga studio in Singapore should I choose?

How to become a certified yoga teacher in Singapore?

Find a class or course that suits you in our yoga studio in Singapore. Get certified as a Yoga Teacher by the best Yoga Teacher Training Academy in Singapore. Our yoga studio in Singapore can provide you with the necessary and relevant training to provide you with skills in order to become a qualified yoga teacher.

What is our yoga studio like?

Our Yoga Studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art heating panels for hot yoga, with experienced instructors to mindfully guide your practice and learning in yoga classes. From 10 Aug only FULLY vaccinated people (14 days pass 2nd dose) will be allowed to attend classes.

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