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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a baby Yoda pumpkin craft for Halloween?

Make Baby Yoda pumpkin craft for Halloween with a few simple materials. Start by painting your craft pumpkins green. What color green you choose is up to you. I added yellow paint to my green to adjust the color a bit. Print a copy of the Baby Yoda ear template.

How do you make Yoda ears out of a pumpkin?

Use the template to trace the Baby Yoda ears out of green craft foam. Attach the ears to one of the green pumpkins using a glue gun. You may need to carve the ears a bit to better fit the curve of your own pumpkin. Remove the stem off of the 2nd green pumpkin. This allows the head 'pumpkin' to sit on the 2nd pumpkin better.

What is baby Yoda’s real name?

Everyone’s favorite new Star Wars character is the adorable Baby Yoda, or more accurately Grogu as we learned his true name in Season 2 of the Mandalorian. I created a simple painted Baby Yoda pumpkin that every Star Wars fan will want to make!

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