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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yoda's “my stick” about Bad Lip Reading?

Listen to Yoda (rap)sodize about his mighty didactic stick in this Bad Lip Reading spoof song, “My Stick!,” for evidence of that possibility, as well as a dose of some classic Star Wars -inspired comedy stylings. Although listeners should be warned that this song is a total ear-exogorth.

Why does Yoda have a stick?

Yoda used the stick while serving as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order on Coruscant, and, of course, during his exile on Dagobah, not only as a walking aid, but also as a source of nutritious juices. The gimer stick also helped Yoda with his meditative practices, and even served as a handy (literally) painkiller.

What does Yoda say in the Last Jedi music video?

The music video uses footage almost entirely from a single scene from The Last Jedi, in which Yoda tells a forlorn Luke that it’s time for him “to look past a pile of old books,” and keep in mind that Jedi Masters are “what [they] grow beyond.”

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