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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Z80 an 8-bit or 16-bit processor?

While the Z80 is definitely an 8-bit processor rather than a 16-bit one, the instruction set makes some operations easier with 16-bit values than 8-bit values. For example, given something like: a=b+c+d; with all variables being 16 bit types and having static duration could be realized as:

Is Intel Z80 compatible with 8080?

Faggin designed the instruction set to be binary compatible with the Intel 8080 so that most 8080 code, notably the CP/M operating system and Intel's PL/M compiler for 8080 (as well as its generated code), would run unmodified on the new Z80 CPU.

Is it possible to write Z80 code in C?

In other words, Z80 does not fit the C paradigm. Of course, one can write a similar loop in C (using a pointer instead of an array, using countdown loop instead of counting up), which would then increase chances of it being translated into a decent Z80 code.

What kind of computer uses the Z80?

Multiple home computers were introduced that used the Z80 as the main processor or as a plug-in option to allow access to software written for the Z80.

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