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Frequently Asked Questions

Does target have underwear for women?

At Target, you are spoiled for comfortable choices. Look through our collection of women’s panties and women’s underwear that you are sure to love! A perfect pair for your staple intimates, our range of bikini underwear, thongs and women’s briefs offers a playful yet sleek look.

Can you buy wholesale panties under $1?

We carry a wide range of wholesale panties under $1 in an assortment of styles ranging from panties, boy shorts, thongs, and more, as well as, with and without lace. Our wholesale panties also come in pre-packed cases to get top-quality wholesale panties in a bunch without paying top dollar.

What kind of underwear do you wear for everyday wear?

Designed for everyday wear, our collection of high-cut underwear, cotton panties and cotton underwear will keep you snug and comfy throughout the day. Looking for a pair of cute underwear that you will love?

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