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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to convert from C to VB?

That is no big problem but it cost some time to convert it to VB manually. There are some sites that offer code converters from C# to VB and vice versa, but to fix all the flaws after the code-conversion is nearly as time-consuming as doing it by myself in the first place.

Does instant C #convert VB6 projects to C #?

Q: Does Instant C# convert VB6 projects to C#? No - the most effective way to convert VB6 to C# is to first upgrade to VB.NET, and then use Instant C# on the resulting VB.NET code. Q: How are classic VB.NET string functions handled?

What does the VB6 converter do?

The converter runs in the VB6 IDE. You know, the IDE of the program you're trying to convert. Visual Studio supporting some relatively modern version of C#. Or alternate. Allows use of Standard VB functions like Mid, Trim, Abs, DateDiff, etc, directly in C# code.

Is it possible to convert Visual Basic code to reflector code?

If you cannot find a good converter, you could always compile the c# code and use the dissasembler in Reflectorto see Visual Basic code. Some of the variable names will change. Share Improve this answer Follow answered Sep 17 '08 at 22:35

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