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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to convert VB6 to C #?

No - the most effective way to convert VB6 to C# is to first upgrade to VB.NET, and then use Instant C# on the resulting VB.NET code. Q: How are classic VB.NET string functions handled?

How do I convert an entire VB project to C #?

Once installed, you can convert an entire VB.NET project to C# by opening the solution, right clicking the solution node in the Solution Explorer and selecting Convert to C#.

Is it possible to convert VB files to C code in SharpDevelop?

Thanks Show activity on this post. I am assuming you tried SharpDevelop 5 since the conversion feature was missing in that version. The VB to C# code converter from the SharpDevelop team is now a standalone extension to Visual Studio.

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