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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to convert VB code to C #?

As Microsoft turns its focus from the .NET framework to .NET Core, VB will get implemented after C# support is rolled out. And so on. VB.NET or C#? You choose. Which brings me to this cool tool from my buds on the Telerik team. You can paste your VB.NET code in and boom! It’s converted to C#.

What does thevb to C++ converter do?

VB to C++ Converter comments out attributes and events since there is no direct C++ equivalent to .NET attributes and events. There will be occasional qualifier symbol adjustments required.

Can VB to C++ converter convert finally clauses?

VB to C++ Converter cannot convert 'finally' clauses since there is no acceptable C++ equivalent. Since the converter does not map to a particular C++ project type, the VB 'Main' method is left in it's original location and converted literally.

Does the vbvb to C++ converter ensure proper deallocation of pointers?

VB to C++ Converter cannot ensure proper deallocation of pointer variables. In some cases, a call to the delete operator is made, but in general complete memory deallocation is not included in the conversion. However, the converter contains options for converting to smart pointers.

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