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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to convert VB6 to C#?

No - the most effective way to convert VB6 to C# is to first upgrade to VB.NET, and then use Instant C# on the resulting VB.NET code. Q: How are classic VB.NET string functions handled?

Is VB still a viable alternative to C?

Enough people think VB.NET is still more approachable and “human readable” than C# to keep it alive. But the times, they are a-changin’.

How to convert a string to an integer in Visual Basic?

For example, in Visual Basic you might write CInt (stringValue) to convert a string to an integer instead of using the Convert.ToInt32 () method.

Should you move from Visual Basic to C#?

If you’re still in the Visual Basic world—whether VB6 or VB.NET—consider moving to C#. Among other reasons, new stuff like Blazor—which Telerik has a cool new UI toolset for—are C#-based, not VB.NET. Frankly, if you’ve already learned VB.NET, C# will be an easy transition.

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