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Frequently Asked Questions

What is duckweb?

What is DuckWeb? DuckWeb is the UO’s interactive information system for students, faculty, and staff. It allows current students to view and update personal data, register for classes, and accept financial aid awards. Depending on when you applied for admission, you will be given access to DuckWeb prior to beginning classes at the UO.

How do I apply to the University of Oregon using duckweb?

Prospective students use the Application for Admissions, which is related to DuckWeb, to apply to the University of Oregon. Go to the DuckWeb Information System page for help with login issues. See Direct Deposit for directions on setting up direct deposits in DuckWeb.

What information do I need to log into duckweb?

When you log into DuckWeb, you'll need your UO ID and Personal Access Code (PAC). If you applied for admission to the fall 2020 term, or any term prior, you received this information via email when you submitted your application. You will be required to create a new six-character PAC and to make a security question in case you forget your PAC.

Does duckweb print work on Mac?

Macintosh Users: The DuckWeb print option works successfully from Safari, but will only work in Firefox if Firefox preferences are set to Adobe Acrobat. A secure drop box is available for payment, deposit, and paperwork drop-off during general office hours.

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