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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact UO concur?

Concur/Travel Help Desk: Email: [email protected] ** Phone: 6-3100 Acting as a Delegate-on behalf of another user in Concur. UO Concur delegates can qualify for the processor role to invoice reports without additional travel office oversite. Processor’s user group reports are subject to random audit.

What is a concur processor?

Concur processors are required to qualify per these program guidelines. Processor acts a departmental liaison with travel office, allowing for more effective communication and education between travel office and Concur users. Must take Travel Policy/Concur class (or have taken it within the last 12 months)

How do I contact the concur/travel help desk?

(Use the Service Portal link below for profile maintenance requests: TMC assignment, approvers, delegate, user group assignments) Concur/Travel Help Desk: Email: [email protected] ** Phone: 6-3100

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