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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canvas and how does it work?

Canvas ( is the course management system used by the University of Oregon and gives you access to your online courses. Canvas enables you to: Access course materials for viewing, reading, printing, or downloading All the messages your instructors send via Canvas will be sent to your UO e-mail account.

Where can I find the latest information about the University of Oregon?

Get the latest info from Around the O, the University of Oregon's official news source.

What is canvas Commons?

Because Canvas Commons is an open access repository within the University of Oregon, content uploaded to Commons is available to a wide range of UO faculty, GEs, staff, and student employees. Users do not have the ability to restrict access to content uploaded to Commons.

How do I log in to canvas?

When logging in to Canvas, your username and password are the same as your UO e-mail account. Use everything before the “@” sign in your email as your username and use the same password. If your UO e-mail is "johndoe [at]" Enter "johndoe" as your Canvas username.

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