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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Oregon private off-campus housing listing service?

Post it now. The University of Oregon (UO) online listing service for Private Off-campus Housing is solely intended as a service for UO students, faculty, and staff. UO offers this online listing service free of charge. The Private Off-campus Housing listing services does not operate as a real estate or rental agency.

What is university housing?

University Housing is dedicated to providing student housing that promotes academic success through academic residential communities and student-centered services. As a unit of the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management, the staff is committed to supporting the mission of the University of Oregon.

What are the residence halls like at the UO?

Residence halls at the UO are as close as you can get to classes, food, fun and activities on campus. The UO has many different buildings and room types to choose from. Welcome to the flock! Learn more about how Ducks live by exploring our residence halls virtually, connecting with us in a one-on-one meeting, and preparing for move-in.

Can I live on campus at the University of Oregon?

All students are welcome and encouraged to live on campus at the University of Oregon. Transfer students find that it is a great way to learn about campus and get involved. International students live on campus for their first year at the university.

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