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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some recipes using turmeric?

Adding Fresh Turmeric to RecipesGrate fresh turmeric rhizome into soups before or after cooking. ...Alternatively, slice fresh turmeric rhizome as you would a carrot and add to clear broth soups, such as chicken or vegetable soups.Chopped fresh turmeric is also terrific in soups and sauces made with a coconut milk base.Add grated or chopped fresh turmeric to rice. ...More items...

How do you make turmeric?

InstructionsWash the turmeric rhizomes. ...Cut the turmeric rhizomes into thin slices, aiming for about 1/8" thick and fairly consistent slices.Lay out the turmeric slices in a single layer on your food dehydrator racks (or on a baking sheet, if drying in the oven).More items...

How to cook with fresh turmeric?

This video from Abel and Cole illustrates three great ways to use fresh turmeric:Blended with ginger to make a restorative tea. The addition of honey and lemon amp up the sweet and sour in this potent brew that would scare a cold virus ...Shredded over a salad.An anti-inflammatory drink called golden milk. This elixir calls for cinnamon, honey, turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper, and almond milk. ...

What is the recommended preparation of turmeric?

micronutrient mixture specific to turmeric is also recommended (dosage @ 5 g/L) twice, 60 and 90 DAP, for higher yield. Mulching The crop is to be mulched immediately after planting with green leaves @ 12-15 t/ha. Mulching may be repeated @ 7.5 t/ha at 40 and 90 days after planting after weeding, application of fertilizers and earthing up.

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