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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you trim boxwoods?

Boxwoods can be trimmed at any time of year, but, for plant health, it’s best to avoid shearing in the late fall. The new growth that appears after trimming boxwood bushes may not have time to harden off before frost. Shearing or trimming may be done with hand shears or with electric hedge clippers.

When should you trim boxwood?

The best time to trim boxwoods used in topiaries is in the spring before new growth begins. Train smaller branches to conform to the structure and prune larger branches to prevent them from growing toward the outside of the form.

When to cut back boxwoods?

If you have missed cutting back your boxwood trees or hedges in July, they can still be cut in September or later. You only need to consider that when cutting this late, the cutting wounds will not heal completely.

Does trimming boxwood bushes make them grow faster?

Trimming boxwoods maintains a desired shape, but does not encourage faster growth. Small leaves decorate dense, boxwood bush stems as they grow slowly in containers or gardens. Preferring moist, well-draining soil in full sun, these hedges have vigorous growth potential, but remain slow-growing.

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