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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the current governor of Tennessee?

The Governor of Tennessee is the head of government of the U.S. state of Tennessee. The governor is the only official in Tennessee state government who is directly elected by the voters of the entire state. The current governor is Bill Haslam, a Republican.

How do you get a real estate license in TN?

To earn your real estate license in Tennessee, you must be at least 18 years of age, complete 60 hours of required education, pass the Tennessee affiliate broker exam, complete the Tennessee 30-hour new affiliates course, and apply for your license.

Why is Tennessee called the Volunteer State?

Tennessee is known as The Volunteer State, a nickname some claimed was earned during the War of 1812 because of the prominent role played by volunteer soldiers from Tennessee, especially during the Battle of New Orleans.

Does Tennessee have a corporate income tax?

Tennessee's corporate income tax is a business tax levied on the gross taxable income of most businesses and corporations registered or doing business in Tennessee. The Tennessee corporate income tax is the business equivalent of the Tennessee personal income tax, and is based on a bracketed tax system.

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