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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for TNG utility’s monthly payment plan?

To sign up for this payment option, please contact TNG Utility at 281-350-0895 and one of the customer service reps will send you the Monthly Auto Payment Plan Form. You have to setup draft payments with either a check or credit card. Pay at any Check Free location for $1.00 when you select “BILLER” as Central Bank MUD.

Does TNG utility keep my credit/debit information on file?

TNG Utility does not keep this information on file. For Automatic Payment options, please contact TNG. This payment information is for a one-time use, after which all credit/debit information will be destroyed for the customer's safety. I authorize TNG Utility to debit my credit/debit card for a one-time payment on my account.

How do I contact TNG customer service?

TNG is requesting updated contact information for each account to help TNG ensure quality customer care. Please send your current email address and contact phone numbers to: [email protected] TNG appreciates your help in updating our system. Complete the online application agreement for new service.

Who is the TNG family?

The TNG Family. We run on relationships. We are partners, colleagues, and coworkers, not contractors. Interested in being a merchandiser in Canada? If this sounds like you, please view the opportunities below and click the apply button.

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