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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the training process like at TNG retail services?

TNG Retail Services provides paid training through eLearning and onsite. You will complete training and hands-on material at home and on location. Is it required that I have a car to apply? Yes. You need to be able to get yourself to multiple locations. What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at TNG Retail Services?

Who is targettng retail services?

TNG Retail Services is a leading merchandising company in the USA, servicing over 40,000 retail locations throughout the country.

What type of technology does TNG use?

What type of technology does TNG use? We have developed our own proprietary web-based application which includes: Dashboard reporting and picture capabilities. Additionally we use Facebook’s Workplace as our key portal for communicating programs and creating community with our field.

Why choose TNG for your field services?

TNG constantly updates our field staff’s technology to improve real-time data access and mobility compliance. Does TNG offer sub-hour rates? Yes, we offer sub-hour rates for syndicated visits and specifically approved dedicated visits.

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