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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tier in geography?

Definition of tier (Entry 1 of 3) 1 a : a row, rank, or layer of articles especially : one of two or more rows, levels, or ranks arranged one above another b : a group of political or geographic divisions that form a row across the map the southern tier of states

What is a tiertier?

tier. 1. one of a set of rows placed one above and behind the other, such as theatre seats. a. a layer or level. b. ( in combination ): a three-tier cake.

What is a tier list and how to use it?

A tier list is a ranking system that allows you to rank anything in tiers from the best to worst. Using a tier list allows you to group similar ranked items together and it’s quick and easy to create a tier list. TierMaker User Videos (Add a Video)

What is a tier of seats?

tier row, rank, or layer, one atop the other: Their seats are on the third tier. To arrange (something) into or rise in tiers: tier a wedding cake; balconies that tier upward. One that ties: a tier of knots. a person or thing that ties. See also related terms for sequence. a row of seats.

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