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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Swisscontact?

Swisscontact has been working in Colombia since 2010. We have implemented programs and projects aimed at inclusive economic, social and environmental development, through the following lines of work:

What is Swisscontact project management and quality assurance?

Our uniform results monitoring and measurement in various projects are integral elements of Swisscontact project management and quality assurance. We implement our projects in adherence to clearly defined working principles.

How can Swisscontact help you in a crisis?

In the year of crisis that was 2020, Swisscontact was able to build on its many years of experience building stable structures, networks, and partnerships at the local level. This helps people, businesses, and the economy as a whole to find their way out of crises more quickly.

What is the Colombian competitiveness programme?

The Programme aims to support Colombia in its systematic efforts to improve the competitiveness of its private sector in the framework of the National System of Competitiveness, Science, Technology and Innovation and its Productive Development Policy.

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