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Frequently Asked Questions

What line to use for swimbaits?

Line – Fluorocarbon is the most popular line choice for swimbaits. Use the heaviest you can get away with based on water clarity. Usually, 12- to 17-pound test will work for mid-sized swimbaits. For jumbo baits, some anglers use 20- to 25-pound-test fluorocarbon or monofilament.

What exactly is a swimbait?

Swimbait is often defined by the fishing industry as fishing lures, normally plastic, but sometimes metal, that have been designed to imitate the look of and movement of fish. When you are placing them in the water, they have a paddle tail that moves back and forth just like a real fish.

What is a swim bait?

Swim baits are plastic, fish-shaped bodies rigged on a jig-head hook. They mimic bait fish. This is an all-season lure that effectively catches a wide variety of fish species. It’s easy to rig a swim bait.

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