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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I contact storage treasures?

Storage Treasures allows Storage facilities to enter before the auction! I contacted storage treasures because an auction I bid on appeared to have been gone through and photos were taken of a guitar then placed back in the case and another photo taken. Actually, it was obvious.

Were You ripped off by storage treasures?

We were ripped off by Storage Treasures, because the manager of the storage facility where we won an auction demanded that we pay $450, which is DOUBLE of one month's rent, before he would let us pick up the auction on the next available day he would be there.

Where can I find information about self storage auctions?

As seen on: is the internet's leading storage auction information portal, online storage auction marketplace and local self storage locator. By offering the most comprehensive self storage auction schedules available on the internet, the site has amassed the world's largest storage auction audience.

How does storageauctions work?

StorageAuctions allows customers and self storage unit buyers to purchase and bid on online storage unit auctions. This real-time, updated sale allows for constant bidding throughout the entire process. With over 15 years of experience in storage facility ownership and auctioneering, we know what our customers want and expect.

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