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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mary on Storage Wars?

Storage Wars star actress Mary Padian is an American reality television star, Journalist, and a businesswoman. Mary rose to fame after her appearance on the reality television series titled “Storage Wars”, She is best known for her antique collections.

What happened to Moe on Storage Wars?

What happened to Moe Prigoff from 'Storage Wars: Texas'? Although Moe was once a fixture on Storage Wars: Texas, he is no longer a part of reality TV. Before he became the lovable face of the show, he was a podiatrist. And, it would appear that he might still have an office in Dallas.

Who is Mary Storage Wars?

Mary Padian is a journalist, businesswoman and reality TV star best known for her appearances on the 'Storage Wars' franchise on A&E Networks. She worked for the design magazine ‘Architectural Digest’ for four years till 2010. There, she was mentored by famed editor-in-chief, Paige Rense, who helped her develop her own style.

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