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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose storage baskets?

A wonderful way to help organise all your everyday essentials, here at The Range our selection of Storage Baskets is sure to come in handy. Great for use throughout the home, our selection of secure and spacious storage accessories is designed to help neaten and organise any area with ease.

What kind of basket should I use for my living room?

We've got plastic stor ... age baskets that are perfect for using as laundry baskets or for more demanding storage needs (i.e. shoe storage ), as well as fabric storage baskets and wicker baskets that are ideal for remotes, DVDs, books and other accessories in your living room.

Are there any Wicker storage baskets for bathrooms?

Our wicker storage baskets are available in every shape and size, lined and unlined, ensuring you find the right basket for your home interior and personal taste. Make it a breeze to keep bathrooms neat and clean with the right bathroom storage baskets.

What can you find in stylish baskets?

With stylish baskets for the kitchen, living room, fireside, bedroom and bathroom, you’ll find something that suits your needs and enhances your life. In a wide range of sizes and styles, you’ll find something for every taste and budget. A de-cluttered environment is beneficial to you in many ways and the main benefit is a cleared mind.

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