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Frequently Asked Questions

Are fabric wall stickers & wallpapers removable?

Fabric wall stickers & wallpapers Removable from all wall types 100K+ Happy Customers Won't damage your walls Melbourne made Custom designs 03 8774 2139 9:30am-5pm | Contact Us 03 8774 2139 9:30-5pm AEST Search FAQs My Account

Why choose kids wallpaper?

Kids Wallpaper Can Create An Instant Feature Wall In Any Style. Easy To Install & Landlord Friendly Removability! Aussie Made & Shipped In A Week. Fabric wall stickers & wallpapers

How much does wall stickers weigh?

Tear off a layer of paper on the back and paste the wallpaper flat on the wall. Feature: PVC material, corrosion-resistant. Self-adhesive wall stickers, strong adhesiveness, durability. Easy to clean: Kitchen wall, bathroom wall, living room TV background. Overall Product Weight: 0.08lb. Overall Product Weight: 0.2lb.

What kind of wallpaper do you use for wall decor?

Peel and stick wallpaper. Removable Wallpaper. nursery wall decor. Nursery wallpaper. wallpaper. peel and stick wallpaper. wall sticker art. Modern Neutral Floral Wallpaper.

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