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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a rewrite of the regional sports business?

“You’re looking at a potential rewrite of the entire regional sports business on the other side of this restructuring,” Davis Hebert, a senior telecom analyst at debt research firm CreditSights, told Bloomberg.

How much does the high-performance sports system allocate to niche sports?

Of the $70 million that the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth allocates to athletes under the High-Performance Sports (HPS) system, precious little trickles down to niche sports.

What does the Apple deal mean for sports-watchers?

But for sports-watchers in general-not just soccer fans, but Jazz fans, Utes fans, you name it-it might portend some bigger news. In fact, the Apple deal might give some hints about the future of watching sports on TV.

What is indoor team sport?

Anyway, the indoor team sport has players taking turns hurling a ball at a trampoline-esque frame called the rebounder. Points are scored when an attacking player manages to bounce the ball outside a D-shaped zone around the rebounder without it being intercepted by the opposing team.

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