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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose specialized staffing solutions?

Specialized Staffing Solutions makes it our mission to get involved. We believe in people – and in creating strong communities for them to live in. As an organization, we are committed to rolling up our sleeves and delving into local needs – wherever those needs present themselves.

How do I contact my specialized staffing&industry recruiters?

Specialized Staffing & Industry Recruiters Toll Free: 866.240.5150 Phone: 724.287.8380 Butler Office: 130 South Main Street Butler, PA 16001 Erie Office: 11764 Old Lake Road North East, PA 16428 My Specialized Career FREE job search and career resources, including:

Why choose ATSA specialized staffing?

A trusted partner. Understanding that leads to solutions. As one of the Midwest’s leading staffing, HR and workforce solutions companies, Specialized Staffing delivers talent to companies that need employment solutions to drive growth and meet customer needs.

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