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Frequently Asked Questions

What are padded soccer goalkeeper shorts?

Padded soccer goalie shorts protect the hips and outer thighs from impact and abrasive injuries. Keeperstop has you covered with the best brands and protection in goalkeeping. NEED HELP? TALK TO AN EXPERT: 860-904-7679

Why do soccer Goalkeepers wear goalkeeper pants?

Soccer goalie pants and 3/4 goalkeeper pants are necessary pieces of goalkeeper training equipment. Padded goalkeeper pants protect the hips, knees, and legs from repetitive diving during training, the bacteria and friction from turf and inclement weather.

What are the best protective pants for a goalkeeper?

Protective pants for male and female goalkeepers. Protect your goalkeeper with padded pants 3/4 length pants and leggings from exclsuive brands like Storelli, Adidas, Reusch, Joma and Elite Sport at NEED HELP? TALK TO AN EXPERT: 860-904-7679

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