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Frequently Asked Questions

What is smartsmartrecruiters?

SmartRecruiters is a Talent Acquisition Suite with full functionality for recruiting and hiring. Eliminate tedious manual data entry, automate processes so there's no need to chase interviewers down to get feedback, and make sure all relevant information is available in one system.

What do you like most about SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters is my favorite. Thank you for making the life of unemployed people a bit easier. I find your product so amazing... It is so revolutionary and will change the world of job search - symbolizing a new era. I used SmartRecruiters to apply for a job…

What is SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite?

About us. SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations for making the best hires. It has full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring built on a modern cloud platform with an open marketplace for 3rd party recruitment services.

Which is the best recruitment software for small business?

SmartRecruiters Software. SmartRecruiters is a web-based hiring platform designed with the end user in mind. The solution is suitable for companies with more than 50 employees in almost any vertical, and since it runs in a browser, it works well on all platforms, including Macs, PCs, iPhone and Android.

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