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Frequently Asked Questions

What is smarticrss used for?

This software is used to directly interact with an IC Realtime surveillance system whether it's installed in a home or a corporate environment. SmartICRSS is designed around ease of use while still providing powerful utilities to fit the needs of every client.

How do I install smarticrss on Windows?

Open the downloaded zip folder and the SmartICRSS 2.0 will be inside it. In order to properly install the program you must drag the program from the downloaded folder and input it into Applications. Run SmartICRSS V2.0 from Applications. Upon running it for the first time you will be asked to create an 8 Character password for the program.

How do I install smart icrss2 on a Mac?

Once you click install you will need to enter your Mac Password. The software will complete install and then show a successful prompt. At this time select Finder > Applications > Smart ICRSS2.02.0 and begin the initialization process.

What's on the IC realtime downloads page?

This page primarily contains tools (IP Finder Utilities), desktop client apps, and mobile apps for the various products in the IC Realtime hardware lineup. Each page within the Downloads section contains a deeper explanation of the software that's available as well as relevant help articles, FAQ's, and more.

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