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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartCraft can technology?

It’s a proprietary digital Controller Area Network (CAN) bus protocol that connects all the SmartCraft system components together with perfect understanding of each other, including the engine controller, helm controller, AutoPilot system, Joystick Piloting system, G3 diagnostic tool and more.

What is Mercury SmartCraft®?

Then, in the early 2000s, Mercury Marine® introduced its revolutionary SmartCraft® digital technology suite, which integrated the engine (s) with other onboard systems and equipment, providing owners with a higher level of control over their boats.

How do I connect SmartCraft at the helm?

• If using a component harness with an in‑line resistor, do not use a termination resistor at that end of the helm harness. • If using junction boxes, place one box (4, 6, or 8 port as needed) at the helm for each engine. • If making only one 10‑pin SmartCraft connection at the helm use a 10‑pin female‑to‑female adaptor in place of a junction box.

Does the engine service manual give any clues to SmartCraft?

Peter. Don't look to the Engine Service Manual to provide you with any clues. I purchased the service and parts manuals and have not seen the word "smartcraft" on a single page yet. Hi Peter, its Edward again. I was hoping that you could help me with another problem I am having. Let me explain my situtation.

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